Business Setup

Before you start a business in any location, there are a number of factors and fundamentals that need to be explored and discussed. To start off with, you require extensive knowledge of the local market, full awareness of the governmental laws and regulations and local contacts that will help you get it right in the first instance. You also require access to local resources at reasonable costs.

Expo Consults has been active in the region for 30 years and our expertise have helped international companies establish a strong presence in the region. We are the first-choice consultant for many organisations looking to set up a business in Dubai, UAE, the Middle East and other global locations.

We specialise in setting up businesses and providing comprehensive destination management services to corporates, assisting them in getting their proposition right and helping them take full advantage of the opportunities present in the market. We conduct market studies, introduce companies to suppliers and vendors, provide access to human resources, and provide every other support service a business requires.

Our consultancy teams have extensive experience and wealth of knowledge in different verticals including but not limited to: oil and gas industry, hospitality, information technology, real estate, automotive, luxury goods, banking and financial industry, retail, healthcare, human resources, entertainment industry, media, defence and construction.

Expo Consults has an extensive network in the region and we are highly regarded and recommended by our clients. We are a one-stop shop for all your business setup requirements. Speak to us today if you require advice on how to start a business in Dubai, UAE or anywhere in the Middle East.