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How To Expand Your Small Business In 5 Steps

Most small businesses tend to have only a local presence as majority of their customers are from the local community around them. In order to expand and spread the word beyond the loyal customer base, businesses must start with these simple and cost-effective steps:


Set up a website

For modern businesses, whether big or small, a website is an essential business tool. It represents your online address where your customers can come to know more about your offerings. A website represents your important first step towards building a multi-dimensional online presence that is essential in today’s competitive marketplace.


Get listed

The next step is to expand your online presence and become easily distinguishable in the vast world of the internet search engines. Once you’ve set up the website, local listings (like yellowpages, google maps etc.) make it easy to find your business / services on the internet. Make sure you’ve listed your email addresses, website URL and phone numbers on local listings under relevant categories for your customers and potential customers to find you easily.


Create and promote a UVP

It is important for local businesses to set themselves apart from other similar businesses in the region. You must ask yourself, why should people care about what you’re offering? Once you finalised your Unique Value Proposition that sets you apart from others, you must ensure you communicate that with your current customers as well as promote it clearly and concisely on all your marketing channels to attract new customers.


Expand social media presence

A cost-effective marketing channel for small businesses is the social media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and others are an incredible platform for your small business to target potential customers. There are options to segment an audience, target using cost-effective advertisements and create a loyal fan base. The best part is that you can manage all this by yourself as it is easy to use.


Create an event (or participate in one)

Nothing gives your local business a stronger impetus that inviting the local community to an event or participating in an event where your current and potential customers are present. Exhibitions, trade shows, community get-togethers, charitable / fundraising events are a great way to achieve publicity and communicate with your potential customers. Here are 5 event ideas guaranteed to attract customers.


If you would like more information on how to expand your small business and capture a bigger market, get in touch with our business setup experts at Expo Consults. We would love to hear from you.