Expo 2020

What is Expo 2020?

Expo 2020 Dubai will be a global business and cultural mega fair organised in the heart of UAE that will provide nations, international and regional organisations and individuals an opportunity to showcase their innovative ideas and offerings and meet millions of visitors from around the world.

Throughout history, World Expos have been connecting people and giving rise to ideas, innovations and developments that have shaped our world. The Dubai Expo, expected to be the biggest world fair ever, will be held in the year 2020. The six-month long mega exhibition is expected to attract more than 25 million visitors – offering never-before-seen opportunities to local and global community, businesses and entrepreneurs from every country of the world.

Located at the centre of the world, Dubai represents an ideal location for an event of the magnitude of the Expo 2020. The city has emerged as the preferred destination for organisations around the world owing to the tax-free and uncomplicated nature of setting up a business here.

Dubai’s status as a fast-growing cosmopolitan with some of the world’s best infrastructure and a population comprising of expats from more than 200 countries has made it a cultural melting pot.



Dubai Expo 2020 – Opportunities for your Company

The Dubai Expo 2020 represents an ideal opportunity for your business to meet hundreds of thousands of regional and international companies, business leaders, venture capitalists, policy makers, investors and millions of other visitors, all seeking new means, frameworks and partnerships to bring about sustainable economic development and financial stability.

A global platform where ideas, innovations and partnerships take the centre stage holds immense potential and endless possibilities for your business. Expo 2020 is already seen as the biggest event at the start of the next decade that will usher in a new era of opportunity and creativity to shape our future.



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