Milan Expo paving the way for Dubai Expo 2020

The Milan Expo, which is taking place between May and October this year, has taken as its theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. The fair is primarily focused on sustainable development and food security.

One of the key factors apparent when visiting the Milan Expo is the sheer scale of it. People say they want to spend a few hours at the Expo but what they really need is to spend 5 days there.

It is not a conference centre but more of a miniature city, with 54 National Pavilions this year. Expo 2015 Milano is set to close on October 31st and around 20 million people are estimated to have to visited its pavilions and exhibition areas. The expo has also been a driver for economic growth, attracting foreign investments and companies such as Huawei, Vanke and Samsung to Milan.

Not only are the expo site and Milan experiencing job increases as a result of this World fair, but also the territory of greater Milan too has seen the impact.

The Milan administration anticipates that sustained employment will be a definite result of the Expo 2015 fair as companies are established and start-ups continue to grow.

About 200,000 jobs have been created and the impact on the tourism sector equals €10 billion (Dh41bn), according to research by Bocconi University for the Milan Chamber of Commerce and Expo Milan 2015.

Milan will hand over the baton to Dubai. There is a natural link between the two Expo themes. Milan’s theme of “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, and Dubai Expo’s “Connecting minds, Creating the Future”.

Dubai Expo 2020 will boost economic growth, attract multinational companies and drive employment in the UAE just as it has done in Milan over the last 5 months.

In the UAE, over the next five years, more than 275,000 jobs are forecast to be created to service the Expo 2020 in tourism, aviation, construction, engineering, infrastructure, logistics, hospitality and retail.

The UAE is keen to share their experiences of how to feed an increasing population, dealing with scarce resources and learning from the country’s heritage.

“The UAE is committed to sharing knowledge and resources to help others tackle similar problems,” said Salem Al Ameri, the UAE’s Expo 2015 commissioner general. Unlike normal trade shows, the Expo 2020 will not be so much about selling but forging lasting connections and creating new partnerships.

Here are some sights and sounds from the Expo 2015 Milano. Enjoy.