Resource Management

Expo Consults takes care of all your human resource and manpower requirements. Through our main partner Global Event Management and recruitment partners in more that 60 countries, we have been sourcing management and staff for international corporates, governments and startups from all over the world since 1985.

From CEOs to manual labourers, GEM has sourced retail, exhibition and event staff for a range of companies from different industries, and has a unique and highly efficient process for recruitment, medical, documentation, visa and labour law processing of documentation.

In line with corporate demands, we have access to thousands of high-calibre candidates with the right work ethics who can step in at any time and make an immediate contribution to your business. We can also provide the necessary training and knowledge required to get event staff fully up-to-date with your business. As event staff can often be the first point of contact for your clients, it is critical that they are equipped to meet client demands, thus giving the right impression from the offset.

We also have dedicated tours, travel and accommodation services, and a number of logistics and operations partners to cater to all your business requirements.