Czech Republic reveals Expo 2020 pavilion design

Czech Republic reveals Expo 2020 pavilion design

Expo 2020 Czech Pavilion

Czech Republic Expo 2020 country pavilion springs to life

The Czech Republic national pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai will be built based on the architectural design of young Czech architects from the company Formosa AA Inc. Located in the Sustainability District, the ‘Czech Spring’ themed pavilion will showcase technology that creates water from air and can help cultivate desert into fertile land.

The technological core of the national exposition will be the S.A.W.E.R. system, which creates water out of the air using solar energy and cultivating the desert with subsurface cultures created by the scientists from the Czech Academy of Sciences and from the Czech Technical University. The art exhibition will be a massive installation of designer glass, which the company Lasvit, based on the design by Maxim Velčovský, will make at their own expense. The pavilion will also provide room for a Czech restaurant and for 14-day long rotating exhibits.

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