Value Added Tax or VAT can form a sizeable portion of your spend in countries where it is applicable. If your foreign business expenses include VAT, you may be entitled to a tax reclaim.

We know the cumbersome and lengthy procedures to reclaim VAT can be a deterrent, but your organisation could be losing big amounts in taxes that can be reclaimed easily.

Our specialised tax savings and reclaims department can advise you on the best and easy ways to reclaim VAT and other forms of tax rebate. We do the paperwork and go through the claims processes to make life easy for our clients. If you are entitled to a tax refund in any country, we will ensure you get the entire amount without any delays.

The following expenses can be reclaimed from over 40 countries around the world:

    Hotel bills
    Apartment rental
    Telephone and mobile charges
    Leisure expense receipts
    Car rentals
    Taxi and train receipts

You can also reclaim:

    Exhibitor and trade show costs
    Import VAT and custom duties
    Professional services fees
    Marketing and advertising expenses
    Data and collection expenses
    Conference, training and event attendance costs

Contact us for simple and effective solutions and advice on how to save tax, the various tax saving schemes available for your business.