The Expo cost about 2.6 billion euros, according to official figures, it received 1.3 billion euros in public investment, 0.3 billion euros from sponsors and private investors, and 1 billion euros from official participants.

The economic return for Italy was expected to be in the region of 10 billion euros, 5 billion of which is expected to have been generated from Italy’s tourist industry.

Theme“Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”
Estimated cost:
€2.6 billion

Public investment:€1.3 billion

€0.3 billion
Official participants: €1 billion

Estimated return for Italy:€10 billion (€5 billion from travel and tourism)
Countries: 144


Visitors per day: 116,000

Estimated total visitors: Over 20 million

Duration:May 1st - October 31st